Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Method 12

My favorite exercises were #5 about photos and images and #6 about Youtube. I had not done either one of these before and enjoyed learning a little about it.
I don't plan on using several of the lessons (podcasts, instant messaging, wiki)at this time, but I know that many people will be more open to these new ideas than I am.
When I retire and have "more time", I would definitely be interested in YouTube sessions about my hobby of quilting and maybe will be more familiar with podcasts and can enjoy watching them also.
As far as doing anything differently to improve this program--I'm not sure if any different format or concept would have made it easier for me. This is the first time I've done a program of this type.
If you offered another program in the future, it would depend on time and subjects as to whether I would participate. But, more than likely I would. Even though there were 11 new concepts in this program, I would like to explore 2 or 3 of them more and learn more about them.

Method 11

I found podcasts about quilting that I might enjoy, but did not watch one because it required downloading a podcast aggregator and our tech department was not available today to okay the download. I think that being able to watch at a later time would be great and I'm sure that at first, being something new, I would find the time to watch &/or listen. I don't know how long that would last. I don't think my library would have a reason to begin creating podcast.

Method 10

The Wiki World might work well with several librarians coordinating activities or between a librarian and teacher to coordinate an activity with the class. To me, it appears that a wiki would really be helpful in a big district. I don't plan on using it because I am in a small school and am able to have personal contact very easily.

Method 9

I went to the Chat with TSL and was not able to chat with tslacdl, even though it said tslacdl was online. The cursor would not even come up in the chat box. I can see that some situations would work really well with live chat, but I would probably not use it very often. My library does not currently offer chat/IM and I don't think it will be used.

Method 8

I would not use social networking. I do have issues with the privacy concerns. In our school district, permission is needed for all student involvement/pictures before it is posted to our school website. It seems like it would involve so much time to get permission for posting every time you might have something interesting involving your library. My library does not use any of the networking tools talked about in this lesson. Our district has facebook and myspace blocked anyway.

Method 7

I do think it seems to be an easy way to bookmark favorites, for example, when you run across an article that you would like to access from your home computer later.

I have a couple of teachers that do research on the same book/subjects every spring. I set up favorite sites through a site that we used during a social studies grant several years ago. The only problem with it is that every year before they start their research, I need to check out all of the sites to see if they are still appropriate for their needs. It also takes several steps for the students to get to the information. It seems that with a Delicious account, it would be easier to pull these links up faster for them to get started since they usually have limited time to work on their projects.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Method 6

I would definitely use youtube for videos pertaining to my hobby of quilting. A definite plus would be to refresh quilting tips and techniques by watching the videos after periods of time have passed since I started a project. Even in my limited world, I would use this feature.

As far as libraries are concerned, I can see where it might be helpful to promote reading programs, a visiting author, book signings, etc, but I don't think I would ever use the feature.